The investment team responsible for Hexavest strategies is cohesive and small, enabling efficient decision-making, the day-to-day exchange of ideas and rapid deployment of decisions. Hexavest has a deeply rooted investment culture. All portfolio managers and analysts responsible for portfolios under discretionary management adhere to the same investment philosophy and top-down process that has been applied since 1991. They embody the qualities required by the Hexavest approach: discipline, patience and courage. The portfolio managers and analysts responsible for systematic strategies adhere to an approach that focuses on fundamental analysis as well as complementary, consistent and robust signals whose conclusions are rationalizable. These professionals possess a rare expertise that combines skills in mathematics, statistics and optimization with a profound understanding of finance and macroeconomics.

Client Relations

By offering a distinctive and relevant service experience to our clients, we develop long-term relationships with them. The seasoned professionals who make up our service team have diversified skill profiles and share values conducive to communication, agility and transparency.