"Our approach to responsible investment is based on the belief that companies lacking strong governance standards or social and environmental responsibility take business risks that may adversely affect them as well as their stock’s performance. "

Vital Proulx, CIO

Our approach to responsible investment

We adhere to the following principles:


  1. Consideration of ESG factors in investment strategies is in line with asset managers’ fiduciary obligation.
  2. Responsible investment practices help preserve and promote clients’ long-term interests by contributing to sound management of risks and investment opportunities.
  3. Shareholder engagement leads to better risk management by companies.
  4. Proper disclosure of ESG factors by publicly traded companies is important, for it enables investors to compare and evaluate the companies’ practices thoroughly in connection with investment decision-making processes.
  5. Responsible investment promotes sustainable and prosperous economic and social development, benefitting all stakeholders.

Read our Responsible Investment Policy.



We integrate ESG factors into our investment processes

We develop and maintain our own ESG methodology

We are active shareholders

In 2019, we voted on 8,157 resolutions (against the board in 47% of cases) and supported 151 shareholder proposals

Proxy Voting

ESG issues are incorporated into the guidelines in our Proxy Voting Policy: We require that companies submit to the regulations in force in the countries and jurisdictions where they do business, that their conduct be socially responsible and that they submit to high standards of governance and ethics. By actively exercising our voting rights, we hope to improve the quality of the governance, environmental and social practices of the companies in which we invest and thereby contribute to better management of risks for specific securities. Read our Proxy voting policy.