Hexavest is a boutique investment firm based in Montreal. We specialize in global equity management for an institutional clientele. We offer a different reading of the markets based on a contrarian top-down approach and active currency management.

Our Story

Hexavest was founded in 2004 by six seasoned global equity managers who wanted to join forces to create a stimulating environment conducive to the creation of value added for investors.


The genesis of our investment approach goes back to 1991, when the first members of the team were managing international equity portfolios at another firm. Our approach has been tested over many market cycles and its long-term effectiveness has been proven. Over the years, the team has developed further with the addition of new talent. The management approach has remained the same, but the tools have been refined, the types of decision have become more diversified and the mandates given to the team have multiplied.


Today Hexavest has 43 employees – 14 of them shareholders of the firm – and $8.5 billion of assets under management. Our clientele is mainly institutional and can be found throughout the world.


Our Partner

Eaton Vance, a Boston investment firm, acquired a 49% interest in Hexavest in 2012 and became our distribution partner outside Canada. This strategic partnership lets us pursue our global growth while enabling our investment team to concentrate on monitoring markets and managing portfolios.


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$8.5 billion

in assets under management

14 shareholder employees

Clients on

3 continents

Our Promise

Maintaining the firm’s boutique approach

The growth of our assets and the expansion of our clientele around the world has not changed anything: Our small team still operates out of our sole office in Montreal. We think effective deployment of our best investment ideas calls for a simple structure.


Staying faithful to an approach that sets us apart

Since 1991, our team has been developing expertise in the analysis of macroeconomic factors and their impacts on the stock markets. We are aware of our strengths and we invest your assets with the utmost integrity and discipline.


Preserving capital above all

Cautiousness is an integral part of our investment culture. We are convinced that, to generate value over the long term, it is essential to protect your assets.


Maintaining our convictions with courage

Our positions often run counter to those of other investors. Courage and patience are part of our DNA. Amid short-term trends and passing fads, we stay focused on our process.