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The 20-Year Challenge

Looking back at two decades of track record

Written on
January 28, 2019


With December 31, 2018 marking the 20th anniversary of the Hexavest Global Equity Composite, please indulge us as we celebrate this milestone (which certainly won’t draw as much attention as the #10YearChallenge recently did on social networks). Scrolling through the eVestment database, which covers over a thousand global equity strategies, we find that less than a hundred sport a track record of 20 years or longer. This longevity demonstrates that our top-down investment process has withstood the test of time through different market phases. In our view, shorter track records make it more difficult to distinguish luck from a sound process.



It’s been about protecting capital

Over the last 20 years, Hexavest’s Global Equity strategy has generally outpaced the MSCI World Index, either on a cumulative or annualized basis. It should also be noted that such outperformance has been achieved with lower volatility than the index. True to our reputation, we have indeed demonstrated successful downside capture in difficult market environments such as the Tech bubble burst from March 2000 to March 2003 and the Financial Crisis from October 2007 to February 2009 (illustrated in the red boxes below).


It’s been about keeping up with the rally’s pace, too

What often gets lost is that we have also generally performed well in up markets, as illustrated in the graph below.



For example, take the current bull market. It started in March 2009 and will reach its 10th anniversary in a few months, making it the second longest bull market in history. During that period from March 2009 to December 2018, the cumulative return of the MSCI World Net Index hit an impressive 209.0% (in local currencies). In Canadian dollars, the index is up 230.7% while our Global Equity Composite is up 233.2%, hence outpacing the index by a small margin.


Preparing for what the next years will be about

Although it may be premature to conclude that the downturn observed in Q4 2018 will mark the start of a more prolonged correction (the MSCI World Net Index in CAD returned -8.51% for the quarter), our composite fared fairly well in the fourth quarter of 2018, outperforming the index by 4.74%. As we look ahead, we are very excited about the opportunities we see in the market as well as the potential for our seasoned investment team to continue generating effective risk-adjusted returns for many more years to come.


We would like to thank all our clients who have joined us at some point over the last 20 years. We truly appreciate your support.


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